The Hostage Bargain (Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers, #1) - Annika Martin
A review for The Romance Reviews.

This is one of those books that I knew I would love just by reading the description alone. Happily, Annika Martin came through big time with THE HOSTAGE BARGAIN. From page one, it was an experience in humor, hotness, and hunks! How can any book get any better than that?!?

THE HOSTAGE BARGAIN is about a young woman named Melinda. She's--and I kid you not--a sheep farmer who is trying to make more money to save the family's farm by working in the local bank in her small town in Wisconsin. The story opens with her bank being robbed by three masked men. But instead of being scared, Melinda is thrilled because she hates her boss and wants to stick it to him as many ways as possible.

Melinda ends up being so helpful to the robbers that they end up taking her as a hostage to aid their getaway. But because the girl is slightly insane, I think she doesn't want to get away from the men; instead, she wants to help them escape so she can stay. She's intrigued by them and quite attracted to them as well. And that's before she ever got to see them.

When she gets them out of bind, they decide that she can stay with them, but she has some requests of her own. She wants to help them pull a job and wants a cut of the money to help with her family's farm. The men have some rules of their own, and they include sex, spanking and bondage. Talk about sweetening the pot!

And so, THE HOSTAGE BARGAIN begins. This book was incredibly fun to read. There was great dialogue, a far-fetched but entertaining plot, and tons of sizzling sexual heat. The book is written from the Melinda's point of view, and I wasn't sure how I was going to like that. However, her running internal dialogue was hilarious, so I can't imagine the book being any other way.

What's surprising is that this is Annika Martin's first book. The book wasn't perfect, but the mistakes were minimal and it was edited well. So for those of you skeptical about self-published works, rest easy on this one.

THE HOSTAGE BARGAIN is the first book in the Taken Hostage by Hunky Robbers series, so seriously, how could you possibly resist it? I love that the writer's style makes it obvious that she's not taking herself too seriously, and that makes the book that much more fun. The ending left me wanting—no, begging--for more, and I can't wait for book two!