Love the Sinner - Avril Ashton
A review for The Romance Reviews.

LOVE THE SINNER is a hot M/M romance between good guy and bad guy, cop and robber and all that, but it's the amazing visuals and the intense emotions the author created that made this book for me.

From the moment police detective Gabriel Ashby met gangster Angelo Pagan, he knows that his life is going to be different. He is straight, has never looked at another man "in that way", but he is instantly attracted to this man—a man...and a criminal to boot.

Angelo Pagan knows he shouldn't be attracted to the cop, but he can't help it. And when Gabe is hurt during one of their run-in's where they are on opposite sides of the law, Angelo risks everything to check on his cop.

As the attraction becomes undeniable, the risk becomes even greater. And love may be the only thing worth that risk.

I just loved this book. The tone of it was dark, almost visceral, and I felt like I was transported into the seedier side of life as I was viewing it through Angelo's eyes. It's not often that I root for a "bad guy", but I was rooting for this bad guy all the way. I could see what Gabe saw in him, and I wanted desperately for Angelo to see it as well.

I'm not usually a fan of the "Gay For You" trope, but I loved the way this author handled Gabriel's feelings about being with a man. It made me more invested in the characters and made me wish harder for the relationship to work against the odds.

The plot was nail-biting at times, frustrating at others, but through it all, it was immensely entertaining. I could not stop reading because Angelo and Gabriel had their hooks in me.

Overall, I thought LOVE THE SINNER was fantastic. With the great characters, the depth of emotion, and descriptive writing, I was taken on quite the ride. I haven't read anything by Avril Ashton before, but I'll definitely be looking out for more of her work.