Manhandled - S.A. Reid,  Rosemary O'Malley
I'm not exactly sure how to rate this one. It's definitely hot. the male characters had quite the chemistry going on, but then there some things that I wasn't totally comfortable with--not that that's necessarily a bad thing--but I did have some cringing moments while reading.

this is a very quick read. It's only about half of the kindle book, the rest of it is previews of the authors' upcoming books. I was a bit thrown from that, but that's ok. I thought that what was done with such a short story was good, but I wasn't exactly expecting the dub-con compontent of the book.

Now, I've read dub-con and non-con and have had no problem with it, but I guess I just was caught off guard, thinking I was getting a romance and ending up with that.

So, suffice it to say that there things that I really liked about this book, like some of the snarkiness. I mean with a line like:
"'re so boring in bed, I may as well date girls again.", how can you not have a good time reading it.

But, there were times when I wasn't feeling the book too. So, I guess I would say this is a 3-3.5 star book.

I've really liked the other stuff I've read from S.A. Reid so I hope to read more of her stuff in the future.