Sweet as Sin - Inez Kelley
This story was darn near perfect. It was so heartfelt and had so much hurt in it, I felt wrung out after reading it, but I also had a smile on my face as I closed my kindle cover.

Poor John. My heart ached for him. I hate when the scourge of the earth hurts children. It doesn't just end when they get old enough to defend themselves, and John was a perfect example of that.

Livvy was much stronger than I could ever see myself being, but bless her, she was determined to fight for the man she loved. That made me root for that HEA even harder.

But, intermixed with all of this was some of the hottest love scenes I've read. What John wasn't able to say with words he put into his lovin' and it was yummy!

Inez Kelley is on my radar now and I'm going to have to read more of her stuff...and soon.