Deceptive Attraction - Tara Lain
loved, loved LOVED this one. Who knew Caleb had all those layers. When I met him in The Scientist and the Supermodel, I kinda just saw him as a scared kid. What a difference a few years make! I thought that the matching of Caleb, Eli, and Angel just worked. They accentuated each others strong points and helped each others weaknesses. How perfect is that?

Although I pretty much figured out how the story was going to go, I loved reading how it was revealed. I also loved the way Caleb and Angel fought for Eli.

I'm sad that this series is ending. I have loved these characters. But most of all, I've loved Tara Lain's writing. She's going to be one of the authors I will always read because I know I'm going to get a great story that just happens to have some smokin' hot sex in it as well. :) And I can't ask for better than that!