Brotherhood of Fire - Elizabeth  Moore
*4.5 STARS*

This book was just about perfect for me. The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is because the kindle copy I had messed up the word "firefighter" and replaced it with an apostrophe. Since it's a book about firefighters you can imagine how annoying that got by the end of the book, and it just kept pulling me out of the story. I contacted Amazon CS about this and they are going to contact the publisher to get it correct. But I digress.

This book was sooo good and sooo emotional. I thought that the sex was hot, yes. Of course, but it was the emotional turmoil that the triad went through trying to come to terms with the relationship that went much farther than they had expected that really drew me in.

I loved that everything wasn't just hunky-dory for them. It was hard work and they had some serious ups and downs. And I imagine that's how it would be when you bring someone else into your marriage.

Also, I loved that the author was very realistic with the aspect of men sharing. I mean, yeah, swords are going to cross or your going to find your face a few inches away from a penis when you are in certain positions. That's just the facts. I thought that that realistic detail really made the story better for me.

I hope that this is a series that continues. I definitely will read this author again.