Willing Victim - Cara McKenna
I think that the publisher must have made the author put that warning in her book. It really doesn't have ANY non-consensual sex in it, so if that was making you shy away from this hot little ditty...you're in the clear.

What is DOES have is some really hot, really raw, and extremely dirty sexin' between two consenting adults. This book was super hot. I mean fan myself, jump on my husband hot. Yes, there is some rape fantasy stuff in there, but it's obvious that both parties want it.

Flynn...whew...Flynn. Probably one of the hottest characters I've ever read about. I'll be revisiting him in my future fantasies I'm sure. But it was just the awesome body, bad-boy vibe, or his sex god status that was such a turn on. He had so much more to him that he'd let out in little tidbits. I loved that.

It's a HFN not a HEA, but I think the story would have been ruined if it had been done any other way. I LOVED it, and I'm sure I'll be reading it again...and again!

Reread 4/14/12--Almost a year later from the original review, but my reaction is still the same. This book is definitely a hot one. It's got an unusual subject matter, and I'm sure I'll be reading it again...and again....again!