Believe It or Not - Tawna Fenske
A review for The Romance Reviews.

Tawna Fenske has a hit on her hands with her latest book, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. There wasn't anything I didn't love about this quirky, humorous and very unique novel, and I recommend it to all contemporary romance fans.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT tells the story of Violet, an accountant whose main goal in life is to have a normal, if not boring, existence. Why? Because she grew up with a mother who wants to be called "Moonbeam" and runs a psychic consultant shop in Portland, Oregon. So, you can imagine her surprise when circumstances brought her back to Portland--leaving behind her nice orderly life--and running her mom's psychic business while Moonbeam is recovering from surgery. It's not at all what she expected, but she also didn't expect to meet her match with the bar owner next door.

Drew knows what he needs in life. His bar—no, it's not a strip club, it's just happens to feature male exotic dancers a few nights a week--and as many women as he can get who are the exact opposite of his ex-wife...and Violet. It doesn't matter that he was instantly attracted to her when he met her next door. She is the type of buttoned-up, type A personality that he doesn't need. So, the fact that he can't stop thinking about her or stop wanting to put his hands all over is besides the point.

As Violet and Drew try to fight their attraction for each other, Violet discovers there may be something to her mom's psychic business--especially since the signs are pointing to the fact that Violet and Drew just might be meant for each other.

So let me say right off that this book was great. Seriously. I became invested right from the beginning. Violet and her mom, Moonbeam, were hilarious together. And Moonbeam's ragtag bunch of, so funny! I couldn't wait to see what they were going to get up to.

I loved the build up to Drew and Violet's relationship. The sexual tension was so thick throughout the book, I thought I was going to burst. But, it was the perfect theme for their relationship. They both thought the other was completely wrong for them because of past experiences, but fighting the pull was futile.

I think the best thing about the book was the overall tone. The dialogue was humorous and at times snarky, the plot was light but very interesting, and I had such a blast reading it.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT really worked for me. This is my first read by Tawna Fenske, but it definitely won't be my last. I enjoyed her writing and look forward to experience it again.