Once a Brat - Kim Dare
ONCE A BRAT is a hot m/m romance by Kim Dare that features an unlikely sub and an exasperated Dom. At first glance it didn’t seem like these two would work, but Kim Dare worked her literary magic and made them just about perfect for one another.

Bret is new to the BDSM scene and he’s got his sights set high: on Marcus, überDom extraordinaire. Bret knows that he wants Marcus from the moment he laid eyes on him, so he’s decided that he will follow Marcus around the club until Marcus gives him the chance to prove he’s a worthy sub.

Marcus can’t get over this fact that this bratty sub is following him around the club, but eventually the man wears Marcus down and he agrees to do a scene with the sub. What Marcus doesn’t expect is how is how right it feels to have Bret under him. What Bret doesn’t expect is how right it feels to go against his bratty nature and truly submit to Marcus.

And what starts as something temporary blooms into something much more.

ONCE A BRAT was such a treat! I adored Bret. He was how I envision myself as a sub--with a lot of mouth but a whole lot of desire to submit despite his internal machinations. I think that he was exactly what Marcus needed. Marcus took himself way too seriously, so I loved that Bret challenged that.

The story was sexy and sweet, but way too short. I really didn’t want it to end. I wanted to see Marcus and Bret after the whole HEA in the story happened, so I’m hoping that we get to see them again at some point.

My only complaint is I wanted them to know each other more before the declarations of love were uttered. A couple scenes in a club do not see like enough for pledging yourself forever with someone. If we had more relationship development, I think this story would have been just about perfect!

Overall though, ONCE A BRAT was another great one from Kim Dare.