Curio - Cara McKenna
So why a 4 and not a 5. I'm not sure. I think this may have been more of a 4.25--just not quite enough to bump it up to a five for me. I think because I was expecting it to be hotter. It wasn't even a regular Ellora's Cave book it was Exotica, so I go into that expecting something. Not to mention that, but the other books I've read by this author have been off the charts, steam coming out of my...ears, melt my kindle kind of hot. This one was quite tame. *pout* LMAO, that's horrible to say, but I was missing that hotness.

Anyway, what I did think was good was the way the story was handled. There was no--"oh, he gave up his career as a man-whore to be with me, and everything was hunky-dory" in this one. I recently read another book about a man-whore where we got that HEA, neatly tied up ending and it didn't ring true to me. And that story was much longer than this one. So I truly appreciate the author's insight into handling that ending the way that it was meant to be handled.

I liked the fact that we got some insight into our two main characters that lead him to being a man-whore and her to needing to go one. And I thought the author stayed true to the fact that this was a shorter story, so we didn't get bogged down with a lot of extra characters and story-lines. I just wished it was spicier.