Hammered (Iron Druid Chronicles Series #3) -  Luke Daniels, Kevin Hearne
While I really did enjoy this installment of the Iron Druid Chronicles, I was left unsatisfied at the end. I was so sad. :( I don't want to think about the characters that were lost in this story, it really cast a shadow for me over the whole book. It's supposed to be fantasy, so why can't everyone be ok?

That being said, this book had some memorable moments that I will never forget! Can you imagine doing a shot with Jesus! LOL, that was just hilarious. Loved that.

All of the pop culture references that Atticus was throwing out to these centuries and millennia old beings was truly something to behold.

But it was the fact that I got to really get the back story on some of these characters, to really find out what drove them to do what they were doing only to have them ripped from me. It left me really sad.

I have to move on to the next book because I have to know what happens. I'm really hoping some magical juju can turn this around for me.