Behind Closed Doors (Daniels Brothers, #1) - Sherri Hayes
This was freakin' fantastic! I totally loved the way the story sucked me in. Elizabeth was such a strong woman despite how much her husband had torn her down.

I knew who the killer was pretty early on, but what I didn't know was how it was all going to come out. Boy, that person was bonkers weren't they?!?

Anyway, this was such a great story. Sherri Hayes really does a great job with creating the whole world for you. The characters, even the minor ones, were realistic, the plot was great, and the romance was sweet and believable--not to mention pretty hot.

This story was a big departure from the Finding Anna series that first drew me to this author's work, but that didn't mean I enjoyed it any less. I can't wait for Gabe's story next, but the one I really want to see is Trent's. I really liked him in the book, so I can't wait for him to have his book.