Lust to Lust - Sara Vale
full review to come, but I have to say, there's nothing like a woman tell her priest to "f*uck the sin out of" her. Good gracious! Talk about naughty...just the way I like it. ;)

Official review for review for The Romance Reviews.

LUST TO LUST is delicious and sinful and has the perfect amount of taboo.

Rachel knows that she shouldn't be having feelings for Michael, but she just can't help it. He's everything she ever wanted in a man, but he's completely off limits...he's her priest. But when her desires lead her to the confessional, Rachel finds out that she's not the only fighting her desires. Father Michael is too.

What happens when the desires are too strong to fight?

Maybe it's because I'm not Catholic, but I thought that this was pretty hot. LUST TO LUST is a story about taking the plunge and eating the "forbidden fruit". I thought that the author did a great job of acknowledging how taboo the relationship was. And, it was realistic in its nature.

At the same time, I loved how the forbidden nature of the relationship seemed to spur Rachel and Michael on. It definitely made their sex insanely erotic. However, reality did rear its head; so, it wasn't all easy, and tough decisions had to be made. That made me respect the relationship between Rachel and Michael all the more.

My only complaint was I wanted some sort of epilogue. I wanted to know how the relationship progressed. I guess I have to use my imagination, but I felt like it was too unresolved.

Overall though, I thought that this foray into a taboo relationship was sexy, sensual, and was grounded in just enough reality to keep me from rolling my eyes.

LUST TO LUST is my first Sara Vale read, but I like her style, so it definitely won't be my last.