Beauty Queens - Libba Bray

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray 


FIVE HUGE STARS for my first Libba Bray book that had me laughing my butt off so much, I looked like an insane woman in my car. This book also had such a great message that I can't wait to be able to share this with my daughter when she is a teen.  


Quick Summary: Contestants from the Miss Teen Dream pageant are flying to a location where the pageant will be filmed when they experience a malfunction on the plane and crash land on a remote desert island.  There are only a few surviving Miss Teen Dreamers and they now have to band together to survive on the island until they can be rescued. 


I envision this story being like behind the scenes of the Miss Teen USA pageant combined with "Lost" and "Survivor" mixed in with over the top spoofs of advertisements for TV shows and products that also sent a message with how media obsessed our culture is.


I'm sure that there are people who wouldn't like this book because there some mature themes in it, but I thought that this author really did a fantastic job of handling the adult themes in this story in a responsible way.  And hey, let's face it, most young adults are facing very adult themes in their lives everyday!


I listened to this on audio and the author narrated this.  Libba Bray has serious acting chops.  She was amazing!  I loved the voices and her interpretation.  I knew that it was the way the book was mean to be read because, yeah, the AUTHOR was the one narrating!


I don't think I've laughed so much during a book, but I also stood up and cheered for the awesome girl power displayed in the book as well as the fight against the often times stifling and rigid ideals of beauty and gender that our society places on girls and women.


I think that everyone would love this story.  It had something for everyone: mystery, espionage, lots of shit blowing up, wild animals, boy bands, wannabe pirates, bad guys, good guys, and even romance.


I loved this so much, that I have added a ton of Libba Bray books to my TBR.  For better or worse, she's just gained a fan.  LOL