This Man  - Jodi Ellen Malpas

How on earth do I rate this book?!?  It was like a train wreck...I just couldn’t look away, but oh how I wanted to!  I am beyond conflicted.  It obviously kept me interested, but I was so infuriated and incensed by these characters.  I got whiplash from all the back and forth they went through.


I know one thing.  I didn’t like the way Jesse was abusive to Ava and he blamed HER for it.  Because she wouldn’t CONFORM.  Not cool, dude.  Not cool.  And being abusive is NOT hot.  It’s not “alpha” and it’s not “dominant”.  It’s that kind of behavior that gives BDSM a bad name.  This was not in any way safe, sane or consensual.  It can’t be consensual when you don’t have all the facts.


I’m no closer to being able to rate this book then I was when I started this rambling review, but I will say one thing:  I have to commend this author for being able to get such a reaction out of me with this story.  I never expected it, and I think for better or worse, these characters will stick with me.


And because of that, I think I will just have to continue on with this next story.  I can’t not know what happens with these insane people!


So, once again, how do I rate this?  Suggestions???