Slade - Laurann Dohner


I’m really liking this series.  I don’t think I gave the first book enough credit because it was so similar to the Breed Series by Lora Leigh, but I’m enjoying the differences in the series immensely.




Slade and Trisha had a less than auspicious meeting and what made it worse was when they met up a year later Slade no memory of it. The nerve!  Trisha on the other hand couldn’t get the infuriating man out of her mind, especially since it seemed as if Slade made it his mission in life to annoy the heck out of Trisha.




Things get interesting when Slade and Trisha are traveling to meeting for the New Species and are run of the road by fanatics.  They are stuck in the woods fighting for their lives and of course they find time to get it on.  LOL




Anyway, they find this connection together but when they get rescued, Slade decides that Trisha is better off and safe without being in a relationship with him, so he bails on her.  What Slade doesn’t know is that he left her with a little parting gift that puts her in more danger than any of the New Species even thought possible.  




I loved Trisha’s strength.  She was smart and sassy but the chick had an inner core of strength that I really appreciated.  She didn’t have all of the special skills that the New Species have but she had the grit to survive and I can respect that.  




Slade was a dumbass but he’s a man and that happens sometimes.  I had to give him more credit since he spent the majority of his life in captivity and enduring a special brand of torture at the hands of mad scientists.  




I’m glad that Trisha and Slade were able to work it out and can’t wait to read the rest of this series.  It’s got the perfect blend of smut and story that I love and it’s ongoing story line is really interesting.