Inkheart  - Cornelia Funke

I started this book as a way to get my extremely smart, extremely advanced son into reading.  The boy is an excellent reader but absolutely HATES it.  It's devastating to me since I love reading so much but I refuse to give up on him.  I know that there is going to be one book that catches him and he won't ever look back.  So, it's been my mission to find it.


Inkheart was my latest attempt at finding that book.  And while my son ended up not getting into the story, I was riveted.


I can't think of how many times as a kid I thought of how cool it would be to get inside a book or have the characters come to life.  As an only child, books were my refuge for the  loneliness I often times experienced.  


However, INKHEART really explored this thought and showed how it wouldn't always be such a good thing for the characters to come to life.


This was such a great story, I couldn't stop listening.  I can't wait to continue the series.  Meggie, Mo, Farid, and Dustfinger as well as Theresa and Eleanor have really made an impression on me.