Justice - Laurann Dohner

I know it sounds cliched, but I love it when a normally calm, controlled man loses control when he finds his mate--in books of course.  I'm not sure how I'd feel about it in real life, but some of my best book boyfriends are men who are normally so reserved and go completely go off the rails when they meet their love match.


JUSTICE is the perfect example of that.  Justice North, the man who was chosen to be the face of the New Species Organization, is calm, cool and collected.  He is able to deal with humans and show them that the New Species are be part of society now that they have been have freed.  And he's been the perfect spokesperson until a chance encounter with Jessie Dupree.


Jessie has the uncanny ability to make Justice revert to his baser animal instincts.  She's sassy, fearless, and is undeniably attracted to Justice.  After a night together ends with her having to leave him with just a note, Justice feels it's better for Jessie and his people if they stay apart.  However, life has other plans.


I really liked this one.  Justice has been so lonely in the last few books.  He's been working hard for he New Species and really doesn't have anyone to share the stresses of his day to day life with.  His friends are getting mated and he's alone.  He's scared though to be attracted to Jessie because with him being such a public figure, he knows that being with a human will cause a lot of problems.


I hated all of the crap that Jessie and Justice had to go through, but they were extremely hot together.  Neither one of them could control themselves around each other.  I loved watching Justice having to shed his placid exterior to become the hot-blooded alpha male he is.  *sigh*


I'm definitely going to continue this series.  I can't wait to start Brawn!