The Bachelor (The Chandler Brothers, Book 1) - Carly Phillips

The Bachelor (The Chandler Brothers, Book 1) was a cute little romance. There wasn't really much too off the wall about it.  I thought that the Chandler brothers were great.  I am going to enjoy reading all of their stories.  


The Brothers' mom, Raina was a trip.  I hope to see more of her.  The rest of the small townspeople had been crackin' up as well.  I love when the town itself becomes a character in the story.


I thought Charlotte was  a little too rigid at times and it drove me nuts.  I'm glad she saw the error of her ways.  Roman too for that matter.


Overall though, I enjoyed it but there wasn't anything over the top about it that made me just LOVE IT.  I'm definitely going to read the rest of the series though, I have to know what happens when the next Chandler brother falls.