I'm very quirky, so I'm always wondering how other people read.  I'm a total kindle addict first of all, so I am currently only reading in ebook format.  I do occasionally read a DTB (dead tree book), but only if I'm doing a challenge and the only way to meet a requirement is to do so.


Also, I always have one book in audio format on my phone.  I listen when I'm commuting, shuttling the kids around (so I don't have to listen to their music all the time), and when I do housework, work out etc.  


But, I tend to read one book at a time.  I read it start to finish then go on to the next one.  I usually am not reading several at one time.  I don't know why.  Usually if I stop reading a book, that's a sign that it doesn't hold my interest and I move on to something else and come back to it.


I think in the avid reader set, I may be a little on the odd side in that respect though.  So, I'm wondering Booklikes friends, how do you read?  Do you have a style? Are you "fly by the seat of your pants", a planner, what?