Drawn Together - Lauren Dane

Wow, this was so good.  I think Lauren Dane did an amazing job of making me like a character I really hated in previous books.  Raven really had more to her than I first thought, and she really is a good person, so I'm glad that she got a HEA.


I'm loving the fact that Ms. Dane is mixing series just like one of my favorite authors, Sophie Oak.  Doing that really helps me bring the characters full circle.  I've been such a fan of these series, I'm glad to see how they are coming together.


Now, let me move on to Jonah.  *swoon*  I was completely drooling over that man.  I was so impressed with the way he was able to "handle" Raven.  Not many people can say that in her world, and I loved that fact that he just got her.


I'm extremely impressed with the way that the story was handled, and I definitely think this one will be a re-read for me.  Bravo, Ms. Dane.