Sirens in Bliss - Sophie Oak

*4.5 STARS*


I think that this was the perfect way to end my 2013--with one of my all-time favorite authors catching me up with the people of in two of my all-time favorite series.


SIRENS IN BLISS takes the cross-over between two of Sophie Oak's most popular series to a whole new level.  In the last few books, we seen lots of mixing between her Texas Sirens series and her Nights in Bliss, Colorado series.  But, this time, the Texas Sirens gang descends upon Bliss, Colorado for the wedding between Shelley, and her two men, Leo and Wolfe.


Unfortunately, not everything is rosy between my favorite story couples.  There have been some trials and tribulations after they got their HEAs.  And, we get a look into what happens after they say their "I Do"'s.


Basically, SIRENS IN BLISS was like a 200+ page epilogue featuring the past couples we've seen in previous Sophie Oaks books.  There wasn't a lot of plot movement, but I was ecstatic to see these couples again.  Now, they have kids and real life has set it, and we got to see that sometimes even in books, everything is not perfect.  This book was not meant to read as a standalone, and is meant to enhance the series.


Luckily, Stef and Jen; Rafe, Laura, and Cam and Lucas, Lexi, and Aidan worked things out, but it was rough going for a while.  It was also nice to see Jack, Abigail, and Sam; Julian, Finn, and Danielle; Zane, Callie, and Nate; as well as Max, Rachael, and Ryan doing well.  But, I have to admit that I missed Logan, Seth, and Georgia.


So, why not a full 5 stars?  I'm not sure.  I think that things got too real for me.  As much as I love seeing my couples, I love thinking of them being in that perfect place where they can be triads and BDSM couples and nothing can touch them.  This shattered that illusion a bit for me.  It was hard to see them struggling. It was very well written though.


One thing is for sure, this book has made me very scared.  Is this a clue that my series will be ending?  I definitely think the Texas Sirens and Bliss Gang have more stories to tell.  I definitely do not want to see them come to an end.