One More Day - M. Malone Teasing Trent - Minx Malone

*3.5 STARS*


This was a cute book.  I've been on a contemporary M/F romance kick lately, and this one was really satisfying.


ONE MORE DAY is about the baby Alexander Brother, Jackson, and Ridley Wells.  She's running from something/someone dangerous in Florida and she goes to her twin sister's house in Virginia.  She faints outside the house and her sister's luscious neighbor finds her and thinks Ridley is her sister Raina (they're twins).  Scared that he'll turn her away if he knows the truth, Ridley lets Jackson believe that she's Raina.  She stays at Jackson's house and they get closer, but Jackson and Ridley both have secrets, and that's when things get interesting.



ONE MORE DAY is the first book in the Alexanders series by M. Malone, but I got my first taste of them in TEASING TRENT (the prequel), and I was excited to see that the series was continued.


I thought that Jackson and Ridley were perfect for each other despite their trials and tribulations.  But what really made this book for me was the Alexanders themselves.  I really love this family.  I can't wait to see the other brothers get their books.  I know that Nick's book is the next one, but meh, I'm not so interested in him.  The ones I want is Eli and Bennett, the oldest brothers.  I know that there's more there to them.


Ok, so on to my complaints.  There were a few editing issues, but nothing to write home about (no pun intended).  My biggest issue with this story is that I couldn't get a sense of what people looked like.  Usually when I read a book, I have  picture of what the characters look like in my head.  I couldn't do that here.  


No real ideas of the heights of Ridley or Raina (who's supposed to be a supermodel) beyond the fact that Ridley was small.  She was supposed to have lush curves, but someone made mention that she was 100 pounds.  How can this be?  Is she 4'9" or something?  It frustrated the heck out me to not be able to get a clear picture of these characters. GAAH! It really messed with my reading experience.


That being said, I really do want to continue this series.  I want to see what happens next with the Alexanders.