Fixed on You  - Laurelin Paige

I'm not usually a fan of the hero and heroine being screwed up in my books.  One of them maybe, but both is usually too much for me.  I am usually screaming about how f'ed up people find each other and how their relationships are like train wrecks.  


So, I went into reading FIXED ON YOU with low expectations.  I didn't think I would enjoy it.  Or I thought that I may be intrigued with the story--unable to put it down--but not really happy about it.   I can say though that Laurelin Paige was able to transform this story into something amazing.


FIXED ON YOU is the story of Alayna and Hudson.  Alayna is a young business school grad with a past affliction for stalking her lovers and Hudson is the sexy business mogul who goes to great lengths to have her.


On the surface, you might thing that there can't possibly be a way that Alayna and Hudson can be good for each other.  The fact that they both have these really screwed up pasts smelled like trouble to me.  But, this story just worked.  It really did.  Alayna and Hudson apart were f'ed up, but together they were magic!


I thought this story ended way too soon.  I can't wait to see what's in store for them in book two.