Worth the Scandal - Karen Erickson

***3.5 STARS***


WORTH THE SCANDAL is the first book in the Worth It series featuring three brothers who run a luxury clothing store empire and gives us the first glimpses of the yummy Worth brothers.


This first book is about Alex Worth, oldest brother and man in charge of the Worth empire, and his executive assistant, Tess.  They both have the hots for each other but don't want the other to know.  But when Alex invites her along on a European business tour, you know what happens.  Yep, they get it on (cue Marvin Gaye music here).  However, back at Worth Headquarters in NYC, there is corporate espionage going on and it looks like Tess is the culprit.  Alex finds out that Tess may have betrayed him, he acts like as ass (of course), and turns Tess out on her ear.  He soon realizes his mistake, but it's too little too late as it looks as though he's lost Tess for good...or did he?


WORTH THE SCANDAL was cute.  I loved this introduction to Worth family and I'm intrigued by the other Worth Brothers.  I have to admit though, if I had a choice of brothers, I probably would have chosen Alex as well, even though he acted like a fool.


I thought the chemistry between Alex and Tess was hot, which made their sex scenes pretty darn steamy, but I hated the way Alex was so hot and cold toward Tess. Even before the whole corporate spy thing, he was waffling back and forth and it was a bit frustrating.


I would have given WORTH THE SCANDAL four stars but, I had issues with the ending.  It was all over way too quickly for me.  After what Alex did, I felt like he should have to work a little harder to win Tess.  


Other than that, I thought this was an enjoyable read.  I like Karen Erikson. She's one of those authors that I know I can turn to for a compelling story as well as a steamy romance.  And after reading WORTH THE SCANDAL, I'm certainly going to continue the series to see what the other Worth men get into.