A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (#1-2) - Mary Calmes

Gay for you is one of my favorite tropes.  I like M/M in general but there's something about GFY that really just calls to me.  I've heard good things about the Matter of Time Series for a long time, so when I got MATTER OF TIME, VOLUME 1 (which has both Matter of Time books 1 and 2 in it) as a freebie, I was happy to finally read it.


This is the story of Jory Keyes, who is a party-boy, a bit of slut, executive assistant to Chicago's finest architect, and overall nice guy.  While helping out a friend, he witnesses a murder that puts him in danger.  Enter Detective Sam Kage--Chicago PD detective, bit of a hot head a-hole, and as straight as they come.  Detective Kage doesn't like Jory too much, he thinks that the boy is reckless and stupid when it comes to protecting his life.


Sam vows to protect Jory and while doing so, they find himself attracted to each other.  But, Sam is straight and sees himself marrying a nice woman someday.  And for the first time Jory wants something more than a one-night stand. So, while Jory may be safe from harm, he may not be safe from heartache.


For the most part, I really liked this story.  Jory and Sam were good characters, flaws and all.  Their chemistry was intense and the sex was hot.  I liked the mystery/suspense part of the plot, and loved the secondary characters.


But, what annoyed me was the immaturity of Sam.  It was hard for me to remember that Sam was 10 years older than Jory because he acted like a spoiled little boy so many times.  I empathize with the fact that it may be difficult to realize after 30+ years that you are gay when you thought you were straight but, come on!  If you can't get your shit together, don't drag down someone you supposedly love.


However, I loved the writing and how it drew me in.  I will definitely continue with this series.  I'm hoping that Sam will redeem himself!