Forceful Negotiations  - Eden Connor

*3.5 STARS*


I've read the DeMarco series by this author and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  So, when given a chance to win FORCEFUL NEGOTIATIONS as a prize in a contest over on goodreads, I snapped up the chance.


Reading the description of the book, really got me interested.  The warning is very clear that the book is based on a rape fantasy.  I repeat, this is centered around a rape fantasy. So, if that's a trigger for you, you may want to stay away from it. But, I digress.


Anyway, I was quite the fan of Cara McKenna's WILLING VICTIM which features a rape fantasy and extremely intense sexual situations, and I LOVED it. It's actually a re-read for me.  it's my standard for rape fantasy books.


Because of this, I had that book in mind when I read FORCEFUL NEGOTIATIONS.  That may have been my downfall for this book.  Because while, it was good, it wasn't great.  I felt like there could have been more done with the story between Teague and Cam.  Their story line which was supposed to be the main story line.  This was a short book, and with all of the things the author was trying accomplish, I feel like Teague and Cam suffered.


The rape fantasy in itself gave me issues because the hero judged the heroine for it at first.  That felt wrong to me.  I didn't feel as though he should have been a part of it from the beginning since he felt that way, but I guess that would have made it a whole different story.


So, what did I like?  I liked the basis for the series--the Carmine Club.  The club's set up is really intriguing.  I liked Teague's and Cam's characters even though I wished their story line was more fleshed out. And I really liked the secondary characters that were introduced and can't wait to see how their books pan out.