Frat Boy and Toppy - Anne Tenino


Let me first say, that I have had friends telling me for quite some time now that I need to start reading the Theta Alpha Gamma series.  I'm kicking myself now for not listening more to them because this was utterly adorable.


FRAT BOY AND TOPPY  was the perfect blend of young adult angst, humor, romance and hotness and I couldn't put it down.  I started reading and didn't look up again until I had read the last sentence.  


And boy, were Brad and Sebastian hot.  Whew.  There was this one scene in the shower'm drooling on my keyboard just thinking about it.


This story was so perfectly hilarious.  Brad's coming out scenes with his family and his frat.  HA!  Too funny.  It was written so perfectly.  I won't ever forget them.


This is my first go round with author Anne Tenino, but it will definitely not be my last.  I can't war to see what's going to happen next at the TAG house, and I hope to get another glimpse of my boys Brad and Sebastian too.