Before Jamaica Lane  - Samantha Young

I wasn't exactly sure how things were going to play out when Olivia burst onto the scene in Jo and Cam's book, but BEFORE JAMAICA LANE was just yummy friends-to-lovers goodness from beginning to end.


Olivia and Nate are friends, best friends.  He's a manwhore and she's self-esteem the size of a gnat, but they have a lot in common and just click.  Olivia  is very attracted to Nate but because she knows he will never see her "in that way", she pushes her attraction aside in honor of their friendship.


But when Olivia finds herself desperate to get over her shyness around me, she finds herself asking Nate to teach her how to be a seductress.  So, you can guess what's coming, right?


I LOVED watching these two fall in love.  They both have had some hard times in their lives and it was nice to see them happy.  Nate ticked me off more than once, but he's a man, so that's his life's destiny.  LOL, he got his act together when it mattered though. Boy did he ever!


Another thing I was going gooey at in BEFORE JAMAICA LANE was the fact that I was able to revisit the other couples I have fallen in love with during this series, especially Joss and Braden. *sigh*


And even though this was not a short book by any means, I devoured it in just a few short hours because I couldn't put it down.  Sadly, I now have to wait for the next book to come out.  I'm positive I'll go through withdrawals.