The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander

This was a perfect blend of sex, plot, and romance.  I loved both Trevor and Gage’s characters.  I was so scared that they weren’t going to get their acts together.  I absolutely adored Trevor’s kids, they made some for some really sweet and some extremely funny moments in the story.


I was totally surprised when the bombed dropped.  I was thinking of lots of ways Gage’s story could come back to haunt them, but the way it happened was NOT one of the ones I was envisioning so it really blew me away.  I’m not easily surprised, so the author really impressed me there.


Kindle Alexander is a self-pubbed author, and aside from a few cosmetic mistakes (like saying sexist instead of sexiest and use roll instead of role once)  I thought this was really well put together and edited.  So often self-pubbed authors are slammed when their editing is horrible, so I like to point out the ones that are done well.


This is my first book by this author, but I’m intrigued by her and want to try out a few more of her books.  I had heard such good things for so long, I’m glad I took the chance!