Odalisque (Comfort Series, #3) - Annabel Joseph

Um. wow.  What an emotional book! It was intense and erotic as well, but above all, it was extremely emotional.


Kai and Constance were great characters.  I felt for both of them and the circumstances that led them to each other, but it was obvious from the start that they were meant to be together.


It was so interesting to me that thing emotional entanglement that both Kai and Constance were trying to avoid was actually made worse because they were trying to avoid it.  My heart broke for both of them at various times during the story because they had seemed so lost because they had gotten exactly what they thought they wanted.  However, it wasn't what they needed.  I couldn't find that either one was right or wrong, they both had valid points but I just wanted them to bite the bullet and be together.


I thought the handling of Constance's deafness was excellent.  I can't imagine how hard it is to try to fit into the hearing world, but she was such an amazing character.  I liked the way the author said that Constance had an argument with someone with her notebook.  Writing the harsh words and communicating better on paper than many would with talking.


And man were they kinky.  Kai was drool worthy in his Dom-ness.  *sigh*  It didn't seem like he'd e that way at first, but he had some deliciously inventive erotic tortures to dole out to Constance.  I think she was crazy to even try to not fall hopelessly in love with him.  


In the end, though, I thought that the story was excellent.  Moving from contract to love, going against the Code d'Odalisque with that emotional attachment, and finding something that worked even better for them.