Daddy's Girl - Darla Phelps

I picked this up because I was trying to find a new genre of erotica that I haven't read before. It's not that easy when I think I've tried just about everything.  Well, age play is content that I have never considered reading before so I decided to give it a try.


Well, I can honestly say that this just isn't my kink.  I really didn't get it, and I really didn't get the attraction.  Now, I don't want to knock anyone else's kink.  I am a firm believer in letting your freak flag fly, but I just really couldn't get into this.  I was turned off with the diapering and baby talk wrapped up in sex.  It just made me uncomfortable.


Anyway, beyond the fact that it wasn't my kink, I really didn't think the story was developed enough.  We didn't get a really good sense of what drew the main characters to age play or how they forged their relationship to get it to a permanent status.  Those things were just cursory.  We did get a glimpse into Meg's reasoning but David was a mystery throughout.


Also, the HEA seemed very rushed due to that lack of development and just needed there to be more.


I don't think I will try any other age play books based on this, but I'm glad that I did try.