Hope Flames - Jaci Burton

HOPE FLAMES was a great start to the newest series by Jaci Burton.  It had all the elements I like: romance, great chemistry, good plot, and characters that I'm looking forward to getting to know.  


Dr. Emma Burnett has realized her dream opening up her own veterinarian clinic, and she feels like her life is finally getting back on track.  Having a disastrous relationship several years ago derailed her goals, but she's now in charge of her life and she's not going to let someone take over again.  So, when sexy police officer Luke McCormack comes into her life, she's decides she's not going to let her attraction to him lead to anything.


And Officer Luke McCormack really couldn't be happier about that.  He did the whole relationship thing one and it crashed and burned.  Now, he's more of the one-night stand kind of guy, and he likes it that way.  But for some reason, he can't get Emma out his mind and can't seem to leave her alone.


So, when the attraction between Luke and Emma leads into touching, they decide to keep things light.  But sometimes, life and circumstances have a way to changing your plans.


I thought that this was a really cute read.  Emma and Luke were a couple of stubborn cusses but I'm glad that things worked out for them in the end.  I'm not sure how Emma was able to stand her ground for so long.  I mean, Luke was hot, honest, honorable, and he loved his dog.  How much better could a guy be?


I really liked the town of hope.  It reminded me a bit of another favorite town of mine, Lucky Harbor.  And, there are some great secondary characters that I'm looking forward to getting their HEAs.


Overall, this was  a great read.  I was frustrated with the couple in question more than a few times, but I was glad to see that they worked it all out. I can't wait to see where the series leads.  Luke's brother, Logan the rancher, gets his story next, and that should be quite interesting.