Clash  - Nicole  Williams

*3.5 STARS*


My iPhone was in real danger of being thrown across the room on this one.  These two are just so frustrating.  Man, these two just can’t stop fighting can they?  I’d love for them to be able to stay together longer than five minutes before they break up again.  LOL 



But honestly, I just love them together.  I simply can't say that I want them to be apart.  I really do just love them when they are good together.  I was getting a little worried towards the end.  I agree that sometimes love isn’t enough but someone who’s willing to stick with you through thick and thin is like gold.  It just killed me that Lucy couldn't see how hard Jude was trying to make things work with her.  It was like she was just so freakin' blind and only saw what she wanted to see.  


I’m glad they made it work in the end.  Now, I can’t wait to move on to book 3!