Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

*2.5 STARS*


Based on the fact that this was labeled "a classic" and a "must-read", I expected to be blown away, but I really thought this was odd.  While I was entertained in parts, I found some of it to be quite daunting.


I thought that the premise was interesting, especially considering that it was written in the '30's, but, I really felt like I had to work to get through this one.  I really liked the end with John and Mustapha Mond.  I thought the director's thoughts on society and science was interesting.  But, that middle part was painful to wade through.


The ending was abrupt, and if it hadn't been for the narrator to speak about the producers of the books and the other books they have for audio, I would have thought I missed something.  But, considering how odd this book was, I guess the abrupt ending fits.