Her Favorite Temptation - Sarah Mayberry

I've been reading more and more Sarah Mayberry and I have to tell you that I really enjoy her stuff.  I was looking for a sweet CR to change the pace of some of the darker stuff I had been reading recently and I knew exactly where to turn.  Sarah Mayberry is my go to author in those types of situations and HER FAVORITE TEMPTATION definitely didn't disappoint.


I really loved both Leah and Will and understood where they both were coming from.  I got a little annoyed that Will wouldn't share his secret with Leah knowing that she would understand him.  I didn't once think that she would pity him, and it frustrated me that he wouldn't open up there.


But, it all worked out in the end.  I thought the ending was realistic and was so happy to see that Will didn't miraculously get cured at the end.  That would have really been disappointing.


I will continue to read Sarah Mayberry.  I love her voice.  I know that when I'm looking for a feel good kind of book, she's not going to let me down!