Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison - Piper Kerman

Now don't get me wrong, I'm NOT going to go out there and start a crime spree or anything, but I thought it was really interesting the way this author put her spin on her year in prison.  Honestly, it sounded more like being away at college more than doing hard time.


However, I still think it was thoroughly entertaining, and I respected the growth that the author had during her time on "the inside".  I would like to have know how she did when she first was on "the outs", but the story ended decidedly when she was let out of jail.


I gave this four stars because I really felt like all of the story couldn't have been true.  I felt like there had to be some artistic license taken because there was no way her experience could have been so daggone rosy.


Maybe I'm just a skeptic but I can see why this was turned into a Netflix series.  It read like a sitcom in many parts and a Lifetime movie in others.  That didn't make me like it any less mind you, I just forgot it was supposed to be a true story many times.


I listened to this on audio and I thought the narrator did an amazing job.  I listened to her on another NF book, and I will definitely be looking out for this narrator in the future.