Axel - Harper Sloan

This was a hot one.  It really was.  I could see my see myself reading this one again.


I LOVED Axel.  Seriously, he was smokin'.  Once you got passed all of the swearing, he was such a sweetheart.  I wanted to smack him a couple of times because I he just wasn't listening, but I'm glad he got his act together.


Izzy was another story altogether.  She got on my nerves at times, but I tried to put into perspective based on the horrible experiences she had to endure.  So, I kept my eye rolling to a minimum.


I really can't wait to continue this series.  I love how hot these security guys are and the books appear to have really interesting story lines.


So, after all this praise, why *4 STARS* and not 5?  I just couldn't bump this one up because there were some editing issues that took me out of the story.  I'm usually not too anal when it comes to editing stuff, but my threshold is if I spend time putting the story aside to concentrate on the issue that I picked up.  In this case, I did that a few times, so I bumped it down.


Nevertheless, I will be continuing with this series at some point soon. I want to know what these Corps Security guys get up to.